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My Lizard Dream: by Keshinie


Have you ever been turned into a lizard? I bet you haven’t! You’re never going to believe this, but I have! My mysterious dream goes like this … . I was about to pick up a ball when I felt a tingle in my arm. What was it? Next thing I knew, everything was huge. Trees, flowers, grass. But it wasn’ t that … it was me! I had just shrunk! I started to panic! When I looked down I was green and UGLY! I could stick to trees. I was in a position that not any girl would want to be in. I had to find a way to escape, but how? When I sat down to think, I felt another tingle. I felt my whole body tingle. Was I back … ?

Then I heard a voice: “Jessie! Pass over the ball!”

* * *

The Magic Cup – by Emma


There is a magic cup and no one will dare to touch it. They think they will turn into a cow or a toad. They once thought it was a myth, but a young girl was thirsty. She saw the cup so she put water in the cup, but wait! She turned into a toad and she was never seen again!

* * *

Enjoy this imaginative story by Megan! Way to go, Megan! (Just click on Megan’s name below to see a .pdf file of her story: “Lauren vs. Zoe”)

Megan D.


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