OECTA Young Authors Submissions: Part Three



OECTA Young Authors Submissions: Part One

Here are some of the OECTA submissions … great job, everyone!

Book Squirrel: by Shaun


One day a squirrel was minding his own business when he was sucked into a portal. And in the portal God told him he was a superhero: Book Squirrel! When he got home, he got right to work: Some kids were trouble … Books were getting thrown by a bad kid who hates books! So he used his Super Speed then fixed the book. He fixed the books. When he finally finished he fell asleep. But he heard a loud cry. It was Chippy! He was stuck under books! He helped Chippy then they both fell asleep.

The end (for now!)

My Lizard Dream: by Keshinie

Have you ever been turned into a lizard? I bet you haven’t! You’re never going to believe this, but I have! My mysterious dream goes like this … . I was about to pick up a ball when I felt a tingle in my arm. What was it? Next thing I knew, everything was huge. Trees, flowers, grass. But it wasn’ t that … it was me! I had just shrunk! I started to panic! When I looked down I was green and UGLY! I could stick to trees. I was in a position that not any girl would want to be in. I had to find a way to escape, but how? When I sat down to think, I felt another tingle. I felt my whole body tingle. Was I back … ?

Then I heard a voice: “Jessie! Pass over the ball!”

Lollipops: By Sophie

Big Lollipops,
small Lollipops,
Very very tall Lollipops.
Lollipops can be anything.
Just imagine it all …
Tons of kinds of Lollipops!
Lime, cherry, even grape
Yummy, yummy flavours
Lollipops are so great!
Lollipops come in so many different sizes …

Big, small, even tall
I love Lollipops
You love Lollipops
(I hope you all love Lollipops!)
Very very pretty …
Green, red, even purple!

Lollipops are so great!
Lollipops are so great!

Be Inventive!

Writing is your chance to express yourself. You can make whole new worlds that operate by rules that you choose to outline. You can not only create different characters, but other details of the world can be very detailed and unique. Check out Owen’s contraption – I would like to read a story with neat inventions like this!


Owen’s Contraption:


Characters: the Key to Great Stories

Great stories just don’t happen without great characters. Many many books use the same plots – it is the characters that make each book truly unique. For example, J. R. R. Tolkien’s book “the Hobbit” uses one of the most familiar and most-used plots in history: the Quest. The characters are on a quest to find treasure. Sound familiar? It is the character of the Hobbit himself that gives the story it’s particular flavour: the reluctant little hobbit with big ears and hairy feet, who loves food and the comfort of his hobbit-hole and who becomes a very unlikely ( and reluctant!) adventurer and hero.Spend some time creating a really neat character. A character who has qualities that you admire will make your readers’ like him/or too! Yet, if you also give your characters some flaws, this will make him/her seem more like a real person that your readers can relate to (After all, nobody is perfect!) For example: Is your character afraid of the dark? Does he/she like downhill skiing? Does he/she feel faint at the thought of public speaking?

Draw a picture or cut pictures out of a magazine that help you to think of your next great character. With perseverance and a little love,  you will create a really likeable character with whom you can share many literary adventures – one story, one adventure after another, time and again.


Full Steam Ahead!


It’s full-steam-ahead for our Young Authors!






We had a great club meeting last Friday! Keshinie, Morgan and Danielle did a great job organizing volunteers for the school newspaper. We will have personal interest stories, comics, short fiction and school news sections to offer our readers. Our journalists will be writing and submitting articles this week and next. After the March Break we should be ready to publish our first issue!

DON’T FORGET: Submissions for the OECTA Young Author’s Awards need to be submitted by Thursday of this week. No entry can be more than 3,000 words. There is an entry form to be filled out that you can access at our next meeting.

OUR NEXT MEETING: Always listen to morning announcements to be sure, but our next meeting is planned for Tuesday at lunch-hour in the computer lab.