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Descriptive Riddles: In Our Words …



Twister, by Alexandra

I got up and felt rumbling …

I was spinning round and round.

I felt suddenly I was being lifted

Off the ground.


Sun in Outer Space by Estela

Spheres travel around it

and it is a burning sphere itself.

It is out of this world –

It is in a whole Other …

It gives us light and it is the

biggest of them.

What am I? by Sophie

I hang on the wall …

Quiet, not a peep!

Bright red like an engine …

What could I be?


Underwater Magic: by Julia

The beautiful majestic blue creature

dove into a magical world underwater

As the moon shone brightly

In front of the tall snowy mountain.



UnderSea Adventure: by Shaun

I looked at it there …

When I saw  it I felt like I was there …

Water splashed from every direction.

Then I remembered … I was in my school library.


Guess Which Animal? by Kaylyn

The wonderful, colourful animal

Just stood there, gazing at his new home

… and joined his other stripy friends

As he was set free into the wild.

A Polar Bear Picture: by Ian

As if it magically had been

sucked in

The beauty of the white beast

is still majestic

Even in a square




18 thoughts on “Descriptive Riddles: In Our Words …

  1. Those are great why don’t some of you enter those in the school newspaper they are super imaginative and I bet the school would love them!!:):)😄😄😄😄😄

  2. Hey we still need short stories for the newspaper this week submit any FANTASY stories!!!!!!!!👑😄😄🌹🌹🌻🌻🌺🌺🍏🍏🍏

  3. New posts on Canadian Kids EZine!Thaks to Venice ,Sophie ,Natalie and Shaun for the scary HALLAWEEN poems.PS.still collecting submissions!!!

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