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Announcements …

The submissions for the OECTA YOUNG AUTHORS AWARDS are due to the office by Friday, March 22nd. That means that they must be handed in to Mrs. Pregent by Wednesday, March 6th. All students whose work is submitted at the local level will receive a certificate of participation and are also entered into a draw sponsored by York Catholic Teachers. Draw prizes include an iPod Classic, an iPod Nano and a $75.00 Chapters Gift Card. Those students whose submissions are selected to go forward to the OECTA Provincial competition will receive an additional certificate of “Honourable Mention”, as well as a $20. Chapters Gift Card from York Catholic Teachers.

All of our talented club members should think about submitting a story, play or non-fiction piece of writing!


10 thoughts on “Announcements …

  1. Is this a good idea for a story?So a boy feels left out of his family so he goes to live in the jungle with the ape that saved him from a mad dog attack when he was a baby. And then his family realizes that he was gone so they go looking for him and realize they made him leave by making him feel uncomterble.Then the mother says we have drive away our only son our only child.

    • I think this could be good … it has a major problem to solve which adds conflict (and makes for an exciting story!) Also, there’s lots of room for character development – the parents, and probably the boy, too – will have learned something at the end. Good idea, Alexandra!

  2. I am not sure if this would work out.But Mrs.Pregent the boy in my class whose doing the comic can not get the permission form signed so can we put the comic on the school newspaper but not put it online plz answer.

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