OECTA Young Authors Submissions: Part Three



OECTA Young Authors Submissions: Part One

Here are some of the OECTA submissions … great job, everyone!

Book Squirrel: by Shaun


One day a squirrel was minding his own business when he was sucked into a portal. And in the portal God told him he was a superhero: Book Squirrel! When he got home, he got right to work: Some kids were trouble … Books were getting thrown by a bad kid who hates books! So he used his Super Speed then fixed the book. He fixed the books. When he finally finished he fell asleep. But he heard a loud cry. It was Chippy! He was stuck under books! He helped Chippy then they both fell asleep.

The end (for now!)

My Lizard Dream: by Keshinie

Have you ever been turned into a lizard? I bet you haven’t! You’re never going to believe this, but I have! My mysterious dream goes like this … . I was about to pick up a ball when I felt a tingle in my arm. What was it? Next thing I knew, everything was huge. Trees, flowers, grass. But it wasn’ t that … it was me! I had just shrunk! I started to panic! When I looked down I was green and UGLY! I could stick to trees. I was in a position that not any girl would want to be in. I had to find a way to escape, but how? When I sat down to think, I felt another tingle. I felt my whole body tingle. Was I back … ?

Then I heard a voice: “Jessie! Pass over the ball!”

Lollipops: By Sophie

Big Lollipops,
small Lollipops,
Very very tall Lollipops.
Lollipops can be anything.
Just imagine it all …
Tons of kinds of Lollipops!
Lime, cherry, even grape
Yummy, yummy flavours
Lollipops are so great!
Lollipops come in so many different sizes …

Big, small, even tall
I love Lollipops
You love Lollipops
(I hope you all love Lollipops!)
Very very pretty …
Green, red, even purple!

Lollipops are so great!
Lollipops are so great!