Your Own Blog – Part Two

I just realized that I need your permission forms on file before I can add you to the Kidblog. If you gave me your permission form already, I will just go ahead and add your name. You will be able to sign in using the password below. When you log in to Kidblog, change your password to something you will remember.

Happy Writing!


Start Your Own Blog

Starting your own blog is easy! I have a blog for club members at Kidblog. Here is the url: Kidblog is a private blogging site for club members only and cannot be viewed by others over the internet without the right password.

If you have any trouble after I’ve added you to the kidblog site, you can post a comment here and I’ll try my best to reply. Happy blogging!

Description is … Breathing Life into Your Writing


A writer needs to think about everything with new eyes. Everything in everyday ordinary life can be transformed by looking through the eyes of the imagination. In the world of the imagination, even ordinaryart_vangogh, mundane objects can be made exciting to the reader.


Ordinary Sentence:

 I was daydreaming and I missed the bus.


Extraordinary Sentences:

 I was drifting away into some sleep-induced Otherworld, when the roar of an engine pulled me back to reality. With a start, a realized my bus had already left.



 Here’s a riddle: Can you tell what I am thinking about by its description?

 The shining ceramic orb sat innocently on the table. From it, steam was rising and curling into the air like some lazy river spirit. I grabbed it’s cool handle and brought it expectantly to my lips.

 What did you think this was? What gave it away? Think of something around the room that you could describe and write a short riddle to impress your friends!

So Many Ideas …

The Young Authors Club members are doing so many different things! It is wonderful to see how each of you are using your unique talents and gifts to create stories, chapter-books, graphic novels, picture books, poetry and so much more! Next week I will be posting some of these wonderful creations on the blog, so stay tuned … and remember to get your permission forms signed by next Wednesday.

Happy Writing!pen

Tuesday’s Club Meeting

We had a great club meeting, today. Thanks for your great ideas and participation! For those of you who couldn’t make it, here is a synopsis of the day’s writing activities:

1. First, we talked about club attendance and which days are better for us to meet. We decided on three days a week; Monday at last recess, Tuesday at lunch-hour and Friday at last recess. For those of you who can’t make one day because of other commitments, you can meet with us on the other two days and catch up on any missed activities by reading about them online.

2. Next, we talked about having everyone participate in a monthly newsletter for each class that would include news and activities about clubs and events happening in the school. It could also have comics, human interest stories, poems and short stories. This newsletter will be published online with a paper copy distributed to each classroom teacher.

3. Thirdly, we broke out into our Writing Circles and discussed our plans for our individual writing projects. I asked everyone to choose one major project that they would like to work on for the duration of the year and write down some initial plans about it. I asked each writer to think about the characters, plot and setting of his/her project, and also what form the project would take (i.e. novel, chapter book, picture book, manga/graphic novel, short story, poem, etc.

So that’s it! I encourage each one of you to use your journals this week to start your project. You should write a little everyday to keep exercising your awesome writing abilities!

Our next meeting will be this Friday at 2:45. Please bring your journals and pens/pencils.

Happy writing!

Mystery photo challenge


What do you imagine this photo is about? Can you write a short story to explain it? What descriptive words would you use? The winning story or stories will be posted next week!

Next club meeting: Tuesday, 12:20 in the Library. See you there!

Snow Day Writing Prompt …

Winter Snow Path ... where does it lead? Write about it!

Winter Snow Path … where does it lead? Write about it!

Snow days can be magical! Here’s a quick excercise to get your creativity flowing on a snow day:

Imagine it has been snowing all night and you wake up to your Mom’s voice telling you that buses are cancelled (not hard to imagine, is it?!) You spring out of bed and look out your window at the great white flakes and the world covered in white. With some surprise, you notice that something is moving out there in the snow … what is it? Do you go to investigate? Write a page explaining what strange thing you see …